Feb 7, 2011

Northern Thai Food

Most dishes in Northern Thai food are milder than those of others regions and patterned by Burmese influence. Rice is always the main dish, with curries being secondary to the meal; but the northern people prefer Khao Nieo (Sticky rice), a steamed glutinous rice, kneaded into small balls and used to soak up sauces and dips.

Northern Thai food also includes dishes such as kaeng Hang Le, a spicy pork curry that relies on ginger, tamarind, and turmeric; Khao Soi, a mix of eggnoodles and meat that also originated in Burma, which is heavily laced with coconut cream, and served with spring onions, pickled cabbage and slices of lime; Nam Phrik Ong, another delectable accompaniment, a northern-style chilli-dip served with dried shredded pork and freshly cooked vegetables; and Miang (tea leaves) another Burmese item that is eaten as an hors d'oeuvre.

The exclusive method for serving Northern Thai food is on a Khan Toke (small circular table). It is normally set up in lavish surroundings. Diners sit on the floor around the table and help themselves to assorted dishes; perhaps a minced meat dish seasoned with chilli, a salad, and numerous sauces. Thus, eating Northern Thai food is a very communal affair.

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